vrijdag 18 april 2014

Skaven Blog part 17, and something 'unseen'

I have not been sitting idle these last few weeks. After five years of toiling, I have finished my Skaven collection. Well, the big bulk of it anyways.

Since the last unit I painted - the Rat Ogres - I noticed how the scale of painted vs unpainted models tipped towards the finished side. I saw that I only needed a big unit of Clanrats to finish, for my army to be ready for any regular game size. So I hurried to get that last unit finished.

And to do so, I decided not to paint them in batches of 10, but the entire unit at once.
I basecoated them with my airbrush in different shades of brown, figuring I could blend the skin tones and the fur tones from that base, but after a while I found the color of the flesh not warm enough, so I had to redo the flesh parts.

After a gruesom three weeks of production wise painting, I finished it. I'll have some good pics up soon.

There are still some minor elements - like weapon teams - that need painting, and I have the models to add a unit of Plague Monks, Censer Bearers and even a Cannon (these models I hardly use in games), but with the end of it so close, spirits are way up, and finally I can take the army around and show it properly.

This is an overall pic before the big unit was properly painted.

After that I finished up the last models for my Malifaux team - but am not proud enough of them to show.

However, I did just start with a new small funny idea, which I do want to share. I have had this Invisible Frodo model for ages. I want to have him in mid-invisibility, so here's what I got so far. Thanks to my friend Gert (Tyr) I want to retouch the eyes ("they are Disney eyes."), and have made a first clay sketch for the base. What do you think? (Don;t mind the terminator models in the background! Will post news on that soon enough!)

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  1. Wow!!! congratulations!!! i have to think of finishing my "under-army" too...