zondag 11 mei 2014

Commission: Ogre Beastmaster, Part 1

I have not been updating my blog these couple of weeks, while I have been quite busy with all kinds of works. One of those I just started and have already posted a few pics of on Facebook.

A friend created this Ogre - what I like to call - Beastmaster, which really appealed to me. The placement of the spider really did a number here, as well as the bird on the arm and the nice conversion of the wolf pelt. And I really liked to paint it. He did not bother!

Here are the pics of the first day of work, working on the muscles and wolf pelt (which I may do over...I don't know yet!). And yeah, I already broke the bird off. Better like this, so I can reach the arm more.

And today's progress: bit of leatherwork on the boots - not much work there - gave him a glove to hold the bird (which I think was actually intended as a bare hand...!), did the bandages on that same arm, done the skulls and painted the metal parts black in preparation of the metallics. And oh yeah, I did a base coat on the cloak. Just to try it out if this was the right color. Must desaturate it though.

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