zaterdag 17 mei 2014

Commission: Ogre Beastmaster, Part 2

Here's a quick update on the Ogre Beastmaster (but as I learnt it is actually called a Hunter...what's in a name?).

I have painted the cloak in a dark red (the sculpt is actually not that good, so I took it realy deep into the shadows to mask a lot), done the metal parts, and some quick work on the weapon.
Then I masked it all with tape and paper, and worked on the spider with an airbrush, which I think worked out really well. After that just some minor touch-ups to darken the shades, add hihjlights and just overall sharpen contrast.
And I managed to work on a first color sketch on the base with the wet-on-wet technique learnt from Massive Voodoo.

Next up: the vulture on the arm, and finishing the base.

And probably work some more on the wolf pelt. I am just not too happy about it...

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